Stix Insight - for those who want to learn about sustainable fashion

Stix Insight - for those who want to learn about sustainable fashion

Hello and welcome to Stix Insight!

I’m Jake, the Founder of Stix. I set up Stix because I was frustrated that the fashion industry was not changing. Despite being one of the worst polluters on the planet and despite increasingly having access to technology and materials that could make this better, nothing was changing. 

And why would it. For established fashion players they are making lots of money. And they can hide behind a lack of knowledge, claiming to be doing something when they are not. 

This was not right. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. I know there are people (like you!) who do care. People who want to shop for great fashion that does not cost the Earth. People who want to use whatever leverage they have to drive change. People who don’t want to feel powerless but be empowered. 

This is why Stix was born. And it’s why building a community of people who care is at the heart of everything we do. I want to showcase amazing, stylish, beautiful and sustainable clothing. But I also want to drive change. 

Stix Insight is for those who feel the same. Education and knowledge is always key to changing anything. The more we know, the more informed we are, the better decisions we can make and the more impact we can have. Stix Insight is here to give you that knowledge and so empower you. 

So you’ll get everything you need to know about sustainable fashion. You’ll get deep dives into the pro’s and con’s of different materials. Analysis of the latest news and developments in the area. And you’ll get updates on the continuing work of so many organizations across the world trying to change the industry. 

Thanks for wanting to make a change and for wanting to be able to look good and feel good whilst doing good!


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