Hey we're Stix, and our mission is simple - to make it easy for you to shop for fashion that is both sustainable and stylish! 

And in the process we want to change the fashion industry. We’re building a community of people who want stylish fashion that doesn’t cost the Earth. A community of people who want to look good, feel good and do good.

If this resonates with you, then come join us in taking fashion forward and leaving the world in a better place!

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is to curate a collection of the most sustainable clothing we can find.

We promise to be 100% transparent about why our range is more sustainable and why it isn’t.

And we promise to keep you updated on our progress and the steps we are taking to do better. 

  • All of our partners use materials that are recycled or organically produced.

  • Every item is made as close to 100% as possible using natural or recycled materials. Where non-natural materials have to be used, such as buttons or zips, we work with partners who are committed to improving this.

  • All brands use suppliers that pay workers a living wage, are treated fairly and work in a safe environment. 

The Future

Our mission is to create a marketplace where you can shop for fashion that is 100% free from plastic or synthetic materials, made from 100% sustainable materials and where every brand has a circular business model for taking your clothes back and recycling them at the end of their life.

We’re not there yet as you can see from our sustainable values. We’re 100% free of virgin plastic, but some of the clothes use recycled plastic. Some of the buttons are still made of polyester. Not everyone has a takeback scheme.

But we are working on it. And we promise to keep you updated on our progress so you know where we are doing well, and where we are falling short.